Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.

-Lao Tzu

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take?
Approx 45 minutes total (5 minutes for the recording sample only).

2. Do I have to do it in person?
No. It can be done in person or remotely from anywhere in the world. You just have to provide a clearly recorded voice sample via email.

3. How do you retrieve the samples?
You speak into a microphone and answer 3 provided questions (approx 5-10 minutes).


4. Are their any directions for recording the sample?
Yes.  To ensure the best sample please follow these simple rules :

-Speak clearly into the microphone.
-Don’t start recording until you have cleared your throat and are ready to start talking.
-Make sure you are sitting upright with your back supported and do not have your legs crossed.
-Use your native language when answering the questions. It is not the answers but the frequency.
-Do not eat or smoke at least 1 hour prior to recording.

5. What is a tuning song?
The tuning song link is the customized frequency of notes from your voiceprint analysis.

It is provided to you in a downloadable link.

Tuning is when you use your own voice to sign along.

6. How do I download the song?
You click on the link provided and download the file it to any music application.

The most common would be iTunes where you could listen on your computer, iPad or iPhone

(.mp3 files work better for Mac and .wav for PC)

7. How many times a day do I have to listen to my song to be effective?
Ideally 3 times daily. However anything is better than nothing.
So even if you can only play it before bed, that is great.

It is pleasant to listen to and is approx twenty minutes.

8. Will this cure my disease or ailment?
This program does not promise to diagnose or provide a cure to any disease.

You should always seek a medical professional.
Each client must sign an acknowledgment waiver (click here) prior to receiving their assessment.

9. Will it hurt?
This is completely non-invasive.

10. Can children do it?
Yes. They just have to be old enough to provide a clear voice sample.

11. Can someone pregnant participate?

No.  We do not advise during pregnancy.

12. Can I have a session with my partner or child together in the same room?

No.  You must have your own individual sessions separately, so you do not pick up each others frequencies.

13. Will my voiceprint change or is it always the same?
Yes. Your voiceprint should change and improve following your session and tuning routine. 

I recommend a regular “tune-up” at least once annually (think of it like a check-up).

14. What is the lifestyle suggestion list?
Depending on the results of your voiceprint analysis, a customized list will be provided with the following:
Emotional Aspects
Lifestyle Suggestions
Foods to Include in Your Diet
Juices to Include
Classical Music Suggestions
Essential Oils
Stones / Crystals to Wear
Flower Essences

15. What personal information do I have to provide?
Your name and birth date.

16. Does insurance cover Voice Analysis?
Unfortunately the assessment is not covered by insurance.

You can pay by cash, check, credit card (via Paypal) or Venmo

17. Who developed the program?
The program is based on the Tomatis method.

The VAH proprietary system was developed in the early 90’s by Kae Thompson-Liu, a neuropathy and health researcher. 

Kameron received training VAH from "The Globe Institute of Sound & Recording" in San Francisco, CA.