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The Online Assessment


The assessment is free and only takes a few minutes!  You will select your choice from a list of diseases.  This represents the ailment that you currently struggling with and wish to alleviate.


The Voicebio system will calculate your data in real time, and provide your immediate frequency result.

After completion of the assessment, you will receive your customized keynote result, which will be one of the 12 following:

A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, E#, F, F#, G

This note correlates to your specific illness.  The reason you receive this note is because the frequency is low (or completely missing) from your body.  It will be infused back into your system using sound therapy.  It's just like taking monthly  vitamins, but instead you are using sound.

With your results, you will also receive a list of Lifestyle Recommendations which include organic juices, nutrients, essential oils, gemstones, colors and classical music lists all correlating to your keynote results.  Adding these items, alongside your daily 20-minute calming song, will aid in your wellness recovery.

Everything in the Universe functions through sound vibration.  Because the VoiceBio system accurately reveals the frequency patterns of the body, it can be an invaluable assessment tool on the way to understanding and realizing optimal physical health.


Voice Assessment

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