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Kameron Nesen is the owner and operator of Sherwood Terriers.  She is no stranger to the breed as she grew up in a home always full of Airedale puppies. Her grandfather Karl Nelson aka "Bow Wow" imported Airedales from England's Jokyl Kennels and began the champion Flintkote line over 50 years ago.  Kameron hopes to follow in her families footsteps with breeding champions through Sherwood Terriers.



Rosie is a fun-loving Airedale Terrier puppy who equally enjoys playing the prankster as she does protecting the perimeter from unwarranted guests (especially coyotes).  She has a passion for any toy that squeaks, digging up freshly planted snap dragons, teething on cherry wood banisters (even with jalapeño sauce deterrent) and swallowing baby wipes in their entirety.

Rosie comes from a line of blue ribbon prize winners as her father GCH Brisline’s Baron Basil of Woodside (nickname Phil) is an international champion winner of 8 “Best in Show” awards.  Phil is also ranked #1 Airedale All Systems and the #2 Terrier.   

Kameron plans to start a breeding program in the future. 

To be placed on waiting list, please send an email through the contact page.

Sherwood Life Magazine Feature

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