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"As a licensed therapist of 11 years specializing in autism spectrum disorder, I feel the research and benefits of sound therapy are undeniable.  In the past, I personally used and have recommended the Calm app to clients, and now have an even more customized option with Kameron’s Voicebio program.  It is non-invasive and is a wonderful added therapeutic tool to integrate into your overall daily routine.  Kameron’s product line of all natural and organic ingredients are not only fragrant, but include several herbs such as lavender which display calming and healing benefits for autism, ADHD, hyperactivity, sleep disturbances, OCD and other disorders."

-Cara Itule, LMFT



“My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and we’ve tried several medications and alternative therapies over the years. Kameron’s VoiceBio customized program is a wonderful and simple supportive treatment to add to your daily routine. By combining music with a very specific customized frequency, it helps with motivation, coordination, energy, vocal tone and modulation, mood and positivity. Her product line not only smells amazing, but also contain oils that aid in pain management, inflammation, relaxation and better sleep. As an R.N. with an extensive knowledge of medicine, I would highly recommend Kameron’s offerings for anyone looking for a simple, non-invasive method to better improve their quality of life.”

- Molly Swanson, R.N.




"Kameron is one of the most amazing songwriters and singers I've ever encountered in my many years in the music industry. I've worked with the greatest legends including Jimi Hendrix, Ringo Starr, The Turtles, Seals & Crofts, Harry Nilsson, Little Richard, Chuck Barry, John Bonham and many more...As far as I'm concerned Kameron is equal to if not better than some of these celebrity stars. She was extremely professional, creative and wonderful to work with. Her Celtic music was an amazing wonderful experience to record and produce with her. Listening back to the sessions was a total pleasure. Kameron is definitely a one-of-a-kind talent. It is a must to hear her music and enjoy."

-Andy Cahan, Professional Musician and Engineer at All Entertainment



"As a teacher, I have witnessed the many benefits of sound therapy in young children from improvement in learning to an increase in focus, listening and communication. Kameron’s customized song meditations are a simple non-invasive way to integrate into your child’s daily routine. They can listen to them while doing homework, crafting, relaxing or before bedtime. Meditation has also shown to be beneficial in the classroom by changing the child’s brain frequency and reducing stress and anxiety by creating a sense of peace and calm. Kameron’s product line not only looks beautiful and smells amazing, but also acts as a deep moisturizer. As a Kindergarten teacher, I’m always washing my hands and sanitizing everything (especially now with Covid-19). My search for the perfect moisturizer in never-ending. In the past, I used Trader Joe’s “Head to Toe Balm” and now I’m obsessed with her Celtic moisturizing oil bar!"

-April French, Kindergarten Teacher

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"My husband and I have known Kameron for over 40 years. She is the quintessential "Renaissance Woman" with her multitude of talents. From jewelry design and creative writing to voice and sound therapy, she has a gift suited for every need. Her energy and spirit is addictive, and her passion for helping others is undeniable. I love our synergy when working together and recommend her to those seeking a non-invasive alternative option.

-Monica Farris, Innovator and Creator of Celtic Kameron's Healing Products

Kelsy Elle


"Kameron is an absolute gift to the world, utilizing music and sound to profoundly heal her clients. Her compassionate approach, deep wisdom and healing spirit is one of a kind. She also has incredible musical talent - I love her Celtic flair! If you are looking for help accessing your voice, I highly recommend Kameron!"

-Kelsy Elle, The Coaches' Coach & Creator of "Mama on the Glow"

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"Kameron is a woman of insight, talent, and soul.  Her natural capacity to work with embodied healing through sound and music is a gift to experience.  Through her research, experience, compassion, and natural healing abilities, Kameron’s work with the VoiceBio healing modality offers a remedy of balancing frequencies that impact the whole being (psyche, soma, and spirit), by working with the healing frequencies of voice, sound, and music."

 Heather McCloskey Beck, M.A., Ph.D.(abd) - Depth Psychology, Somatic Psychology

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"I have known Kameron for many years. Her work has a wonderful blend of gentle and soothing balance therapy. She graciously shares her remarkable gifts with a unique and insightful method and style. Truly, Kameron is a rare and precious woman. I am beyond lucky that our paths crossed years ago. With love and light..."

-Barbara Savin, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master / Teacher, Author



"Kameron is a beautiful spirit. Her healing energy is available to all. I have been witness to her growth and transformation and she has become a POWERFUL voice healing guide with her Celtic tradition. Her bright smile and calming disposition can put you at ease and help you enjoy the process of learning about yourself through music and sound."

-Andrea Michal, Author, Intuitive and Holistic Life Coach

The true beauty of music is that it connects people.


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