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Provide a simple, safe and effective sound healing resource to your current wellness practice by becoming a partner.


Purchase Includes:

  • Consultation with Kameron on business integration, marketing and strategy
  • Full Unlimited Access to the "Voicebio System" Database Featuring Almost 200 Diseases
  • Access to Correlating Frequency Library of Meditation Downloads and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Zip file of sound healing business materials


A perfect complementary healing system to enhance your patient or client's overall recovery plan. Can also serve as an additional revenue generation service for your business. 



Voicebio Business Package

  • The Voicebio system can provide your business with an additional treatment option, resulting in a secondary revenue stream.  Some complementary business models include :

    • Hotels and Resorts

    • Spas / Wellness Centers

    • Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors

    • Therapists and Rehabilitation Centers

    • Teachers and Educational Facilities

    • Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing Studios

    • Women's Events and Group Retreats

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