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Liberating Your Soul's Voice Through Song

So if you are one of my followers, you already know that I am a huge supporter of the Shift Network's online offerings.

I just received a notification on this amazing workshop and had to share! Below are the deets should you wish to attend....

Allowing your voice to be heard moves vital energy through and from you. It can help liberate creativity and self-expression — in all facets of your life. During this special online event, you’ll join in a powerful vocal exercise with Isaac and Thorald that can help you clear stuck energies and emotions and experience the calmness, centeredness, and confidence that sounding your voice can provide. And you’ll discover how relaxing and self-empowering it can be to tone or sing with these polished professionals who are also some of the most conscious, open-hearted people we know. You can register for this online mini-workshop — at no cost — here: Liberate Your Soul’s Voice Through Song: How to Sing Your Story to Break Through Stuck Emotions & Cultivate Self-Love, Courage & Vitality During this special 75-minute event, you’ll:

  • Discover your voice as a healing instrument that can help you break through difficult emotions and unbeneficial beliefs to enjoy the liberation of authentic self-expression

  • Explore singing as self-love, self-care, and freedom — and as a means to building confidence, courage, and the ability to set personal boundaries

  • Discover the 5 Small Voices that prevent us from allowing our authentic soul’s voice — and truest self — to emerge

  • Find out what kind of singer you are (even the I’m-not-a-singer folks will be surprised by this)

  • Be guided in a vocal exploration using simple sounds to experience your voice as a whole-body healing instrument — and feel its relaxing, energizing, and revitalizing powers

Isaac and Thorald have played with some of today’s most renowned artists (such as Coldplay, Pink, Rod Stewart, and Bon Jovi). Emanating a real generosity of spirit, the Brothers are two of the most heart-centered teachers you’ll encounter — you’re bound to feel an instant rapport and ease in their presence. Even if you’re an I’m-not-a-singer type, they’ll help you break through that illusion — inspiring you to believe you can do anything. And you can.

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