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Sound Healing for Tourette Syndrome

I've always loved music and have been a performer my entire life. However, my main motivation for pursuing sound healing is my daughter Aurora. She was diagnosed with TS (Tourette Syndrome) at 8-years old. As a mother, I wanted to investigate all possible treatment options and alternative methods. Having been down the rabbit hole and experimented with everything from therapy, C-Bit, essential oils, meditation, diet and exercise, I've found the element of sound healing really helps with her tic reduction. As with most children with Tourette, they also live with accompanying disorders - mine has the pleasure of also experiencing OCD and anxiety. Sound healing also aids with the reduction of these symptoms as well.

In honor of May's National Tourette's Awareness Month, I wanted to post his blog with some great resources for those who have, or know of someone with TS. This weekend the Tourette Association of America is hosting their annual virtual conference from May 14th-16th. They have an extensive line-up with their expert panel. I've personally signed up for at least a dozen of their seminars and workshops!

If you haven't taken my online assessment, there is a specific key note that assists with neurological disorders and TS. It is "G." Click here for my lifestyle recommendation list ranging from diet, juices, oils, music, meditation, gemstones and more!

So whether you're a Billie Eilish fan (a fellow sister with TS), personally live with tics, or just want to learn more, you're in the right place. Put that Tic in your TikTok and have a beautiful day.

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