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Crystals, Birthdays and Shattered Glass!

Martin Luther King holiday weekend is always special in my household, not only due to it's historical relevance of course, but also because it's my daughter Aurora's birthday. She was born on the lucky 1-17-11 (all add up to 11). She was baptized on 11/11/11 at 11:11. If you notice that all the pricing in my SHOP consist of 11 or 7. That's not by accident.

It was Aurora's 10th birthday and due to the current state of affairs with Covid, we weren't able to celebrate as usual. So instead, we had a nice socially distanced, Covid tested, Mad masked staycation in my old stomping grounds of Carlsbad in San Diego County. The theme was all about crystals, rebirth and new energy healing for 2021.

On the trip down, we met Jodi from "Good Vibes Cookie Co" who provided a masked "hand-off" of the most incredibly designed and equally delish cookies. I had seen her company featured on Drew Barrymore's show and read that she too was a single mom, and therefor couldn't resist the temptation.

The trip continued with a crystal and tarot reading from the gorgeous and intuitive Amy Contreras, also known as "The Holistic Babe." We met in the lush San Diego Botanical Gardens surrounded by butterflies, nature and healing sunshine. If you notice in the photo (attached below), there was a rainbow orb that appeared during Aurora's reading as an added bonus. Amy also introduced me to a newfound love of Lemurian seed Brazilian barcoded quartz. It acts as a Master crystal teaching oneness, connection to spirit and release of all blockages. Something we could all benefit from in 2021!

Lastly, we also found a mate (appropriately named Pepperoncini after his lime green color) for our widowed lovebird, Lady Gaga. Yes - it was also the same time the real Gaga sang the National Anthem at Biden's Inauguration (also sporting a bird of peace) and Kamala Harris became the first female VP shattering the glass ceiling for all.

No matter what your political view, religion, sex or race, this weekend will go down in history! It was a proud moment for all women and mothers across the globe.

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