Healing Breath and Playfulness of the Celtic Flute

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, the best preparation and prevention is to keep your body and mind healthy and well. As our "bodies are our temples," we must treat them as such, by strengthening the lungs during this respiratory virus.

With lessons from the ancient Celts, Mayan, Sufi and Native American traditions, we have learned the benefits of simple breath work. Whether using meditation practices, or by incorporating a breath instrument such as the flute, you can help clear your lungs with fresh air. Sound is a highly effective tool for humans. When you are playing the flute studies have proven that the mind and brain circuitry change.

Moving through challenging times we are stepping into a new world. Many of us have been forced to simplify our lives and clear out our clutter re-focusing on what is most important in life. Raga or raag means scale in Sanskrit. There are several different ragas for scales. Different flutes carry different medicines for soul. Different patterns of playing can trigger different qualities. If you can breathe, you can play the flute. There is no wrong note.

Our ancestors had a desire to communicate like birds of song. The oldest instrument discovered was the bone flute found in Germany, made over approximately 35,000 years ago from the very bone of those birds. The Celts used a traditional Irish flute or simple penny whistle tin flageolet which legend says "it only cost a penny to purchase" or "musicians were given a penny to play." Whatever folktale you believe, there is no debate that the Irish whistle evokes a light playfulness also known as the jig and reel. It invites laughter and dance into the intention of the flute.

My advice during Covid....practice your deep breathing and get your jig on - for laughter is always the best medicine.

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