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Raising Consciousness Through Vibration

I'm sure you're familiar with the term "raising your consciousness." Especially in today's political climate, people are becoming more polarized. Sprinkle in a little social media, and it's never been hotter. That is why I personally find it more important than ever, to remember that you are part of something much greater than yourself. You are part of an entire universe.

In sound healing, this is often referred to this as “raising your vibration,” in order to become more spiritually attuned. However this is also a bit confusing. Technically, if you were to raise your vibration, you would sound like you just inhaled helium or joined "Alvin & the Chipmunks" band. What it really means, is that when you look at higher consciousness from the reality of how frequencies actually work, we are not necessarily going higher, but rather becoming more consistent. It is about having 100% clarity and uber focus. This also means being present in the moment, and less affected by outside energy. It is a frequency that doesn’t waver, just like the frequency of love, soul, spirit never waver – ever. They are all as pure and consistent as any vibration on earth, and in the universe. So when we resonate with them – we find the profound peace of this consistency and purity.

This consistency manifests in slightly different ways physically, mentally and spiritually.

Physically, it is about having each part of the body resonating the frequency that it is meant to resonate at. From cells to organs, every part should resonate at its own natural resonance in order contribute to perfect harmony of all the instruments in the symphony that we are.

Mentally, it has been discovered that when in high states of consciousness or deep states of meditation, our brainwaves go both really high and really low at the same time. We actually exhibit extremely slow brainwaves of Sub-delta (less than .5 cycles per second), and extremely fast brainwaves of Gamma (more than 30 cycles per second) – both simultaneously. Therefore, mentally higher consciousness is not just higher – it is higher and lower at the same time.

Spiritually, some claims have been made about tuning into extremely high frequencies (above 10,000 hertz) in order to access higher states of consciousness. To me, it means more about feeling an overall sense of peace and being "in the zone" (whatever religion or spirituality you subscribe to). It also connects you to your soul note and vibrates at the same frequency. The higher levels of consciousness are simply clearing out the distortions and distractions that separate us from a more and more consistent connection to ourselves.

Think about some of the greatest spiritual leaders - The Dalai Lama, Chopra, Pope Francis, Eckhart Tolle and Ravi Shankar. They all use consistency of meditation or prayer to raise consciousness. So what can you do? Simply practice. Even if just 5 minutes daily (or turn on my customized keynote mediation before bedtime) and do your part to raise your vibration, and in turn the world's consciousness.

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