Shake, Rattle & Roll

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

As a sound healer and musician, I've always been interested in different instruments from around the world. So when I stumbled upon Sara Violante's website, I couldn't resist but order one of her customized rattles. The process was truly magical as she was able to incorporate not only my logo, but captured the Celtic traditional design throughout.

Sara is truly gifted as an artist and shamanic healer, and the entire process was seamless.

I truly recommend Sara's work to those looking for a custom piece to incorporate into their meditation practice, music or even just for artistic value. She also has an Etsy site where you can purchase as well.

Here is the detailed description of her process and work my Celtic Kameron piece:

"The head is Elk hide dyed a rich green reminiscent of rolling, Celtic landscapes. The handle is made of Alder wood. Alder wood has many sacred meanings across cultures, such as being a sheltering or giving tree and serving as a reminder that we have hidden talents within us. The design on the head is Kameron's personal symbol. The design on the handle was inspired by a carved stone ornament, end of first century BC., found in Turoe, Co. Galway, Ireland. It was burned into the handle representing transformative change. The feathers are cruelty-free flight feathers from golden pheasant. The beads are handmade by me – glass torch-work – and the handle wrap is made from natural deer hide. The head is filled with dried beans and hold the energy of life, sustenance, and growth."

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