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The Gift of Celtic Shamanism - Jane Burns

I wanted to post about an upcoming Shift Network course that looks amazing! There is a complimentary 1-hour long introduction with shamanic teacher and practitioner Jane Burns.

Celtic shamanism guides us to see and honor the sacred in all things… including ourselves. It also allows us to connect more deeply with the natural and spirit worlds — and access archetypal energies for healing and transformation. These are some of the powerful topics that shamanic teacher and practitioner Jane Burns touched on during The Gifts of Celtic Shamanism.

In Jane's 60-minute event, you’ll discover:

  • The Celtic way of seeing and being, and the importance of daily practices of gratitude, reciprocity, and self-protection

  • Key archetypes of Celtic shamanism — including the ban feasa (the knowing woman), the ban chaointe (the keening woman), the omen hunter, and the faery doctor — and their roles in guiding, wisdom-keeping, and healing

  • An experiential journey to the Otherworld with Brigid, the great Irish Goddess and bringer of spring, new growth, and creative forces that will help you reshape your life

  • How Celtic wisdom can guide you to reclaim your sovereignty — your destiny and authentic Self, often lost in the overwhelm of everyday life

Jane, who is 100 percent Irish/Scottish, studied extensively with Tom Cowan, a world-renowned and highly respected authority on Celtic shamanism. She also studied core shamanism and soul retrieval, and completed a shamanic teacher training with acclaimed shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman. She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of psychic and medical intuition, energy medicine, and past-life regression therapy.

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