"There is no suffering too great for human song" - Chloe Goodchild

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I was recently taking a class from Chloe Goodchild and she opened with a quote that stuck with me. "There is no suffering too great for human song." With all the current political climate and civil unrest, I think that it is a time for most people to truly look inward and connect within.

During these dark times of protests, riots and the global pandemic of Covid-19, many are feeling a variety of emotions from anger, rage and fear, to anxiety and unrest. Using this time to sit in a moment of silence, and send positive energy not only to ourselves, but to all of those suffering, can be very powerful.

In Chloe's session, she also addressed using your sword of compassion. To give you a visual, this is when you are in a group sound healing meditation, and everyone makes a prayer hand and directs it towards those whom they are honoring.

Linguistically, the word compassion has its roots in Latin and Old French.  From the Latin compassionem, com (with), pati (to suffer), ion (state of), it means “the act of suffering together.”

During this time, I ask you all to please hold your sword. Not to fight, but to protect those with compassion, peace, love and harmony.

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