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There's no place like home

Dorothy was right when clicking together her ruby slippers. We all feel a sense of peace and serenity when at our home base. Whether it is returning from a vacation, or following a long work day and immediately putting on your comfies, we all know this sense of comfort.

This is the same concept in sound healing with finding your home note. We have a built-in need to return to our home note – whether it is in music, a sound or our soul. In music theory, the definition of the home note is the note where we are “at rest.” It is the resolution; it is the note where we don’t need to go anywhere else; it is where we are at peace.

Although you can mathematically define the home note in music, everyone can feel it and knows their sweet spot. In music, the home note is the key of the song. In jazz music, the goal is to avoid the home note. In sound healing, you return to your home note often. When playing a solo note instrument, such as a crystal bowl, it automatically defaults to the home note. In sound, it is called the root or fundamental tone within the overall conglomeration of harmonics present in the sound.

Physically, every single cell, organ and body part has a home note. In physics it is called the resonant frequency of the object. Research has shown that every cell and organ in our body has its own home note. When we are in tune with our own home note we feel more grounded.

Emotionally, we are always trying to come back to the home note in our thoughts and emotions. In fact, the definition of a stuck emotion is a frequency that has never resolved to the home note.

Mentally, when the home note is apparent in our thoughts, they are much clearer. Our thoughts resolve to a place of peace instead of anxiety and stress.

Spiritually, when we are in touch with the ultimate home note, we are at complete peace.

So put on your ruby slippers and start humming!

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