Using Voice Analysis to Detect Covid-19

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

During my daily scrolling of Coronavirus updates, I came across this new study and wanted to share. It parallels along the lines of analyzing someone's unique Voiceprint as markers to detect Covid. This discovery is promising, and if successful, could potentially be used to detect the "non" or "a" symptomatic carriers preventing them from spreading the virus unknowingly.

"COVID-19 is an invisible threat, but is it silent as well? Researchers from MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory just released a new study that suggests it’s possible to identify asymptomatic carriers of the Coronavirus via nothing more than their speech signals.

How is this possible? Milder infections like the flu or a common cold make people’s voices sound more nasally or congested all the time, and the same vocal distortions are often observed among symptomatic COVID-19 patients. Now, by closely analyzing and processing recorded speech signals, the team at MIT has detected some very subtle vocal changes among asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

These changes, or “vocal biomarkers” are undetectable to the naked human ear without technological assistance. Nevertheless, the study’s authors believe these findings may lay the groundwork for a new way of detecting active COVID-19 infections among asymptomatic carriers. Such a screening process could be achieved using a mobile app."

Here is the full article here :

Scientists now may be able to detect COVID-19 by listening for this sound

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