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What's your frequency?

The Voice Analysis Harmony program was designed to analyze a person's frequency and to adjust (or infuse) a specific note to improve their quality of life. When training for the program certification, I learned about specific frequency archetype ranges which I found interesting and wanted to share in this post.

200-500k Dolphins highest range

18,500 Highest frequency ever heard by a woman

17,500 Highest frequency ever heard by a man

5k-8k Highest note on a piano

4096 Quartz crystal

528 Frequency of the heart

432 Baby just out of the womb (relates to the diameter of the sun)

297 Frequency found in crop circles

256 Physical and Scientific Mean (Philosopher's middle C)

250 Average voice (common to everyone)

85 Beethoven's Fire Frequency

45 Resonate frequency of bones

40-80 Bass on a stereo

25 Frequency that cats purr at

25 Lowest frequency that most humans can hear

16 Main frequency put out by whales

12-20 Beta brainwaves

7-12 Alpha brainwaves

4-7 Theta brainwaves

3-4 Lowest frequency put out by elephants

1.2 Average Heart Rate

.5-4 Delta brainwaves

*Statistics provided by Globe Sound Healing Institute (David Gibson)

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