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What's Your Model of Health?

“The famous Greek physician Hippocrates administered musical treatments to his patients in 400 B.C. Although this type of treatment did not originate with him, it found in him an exponent of the highest order. With the increasing materialism of Western civilization, the major tenants of ancient musical therapy have been either forgotten or discarded.” - Corinne Heline (1882-1975)

“Eventually, musical therapists will compose prescriptions after the manner of a pharmacist...” - Dr. Ira Altschuler (of the Eloise State Hospital) (1942)

There are two models of how to approach health and healing.

1. Allopathic Model – Focus on What is Wrong

This is also referred to as the "warfare" model as the goal is to seek and destroy the illness. It is also the model for most modern medicine. For example, if you were diagnosed with cancer, you would target the tumor and destroy it with medication and chemotherapy.

With sound healing, this is also a common method. For example, someone can come to me and say I'm having stomach and digestive issues. I will do a voice analysis and find what frequency is low and infuse that back into the system with a customized meditation and toning.

It is also referred to as the "Transformation Model." There are two general approaches. One is to match the vibration of the issue, and then slowly transform that vibration into a more harmonious vibration. This is called the “iso- principle,” where you lock onto the original vibration and slowly lead it into a different vibration.

The second approach is to find the resonant frequency of a healthy cell or tissue, and simply play that frequency back to the cell in order to vibrate it back into harmony.

2. The Resonant Health Model – Focus on What is Right This is the new paradigm of healing. In this model you don’t focus on what is wrong at all, but simply resonate what is right in a person. Any approach that focuses on relaxation, releasing stress, boosting the immune system or simply making people feel good in any way, is using this model. Ultimately you find a person’s ideal template, then use sound and music to resonate a person back into their natural balanced healthy harmony.

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